Blood Sugar

This page is still under construction, but here are the major deficiencies and their commonly related symptoms:

  • Crave a lift from sweets or alcohol, but later experience a drop in energy and mood after ingesting them
  • dizzy, weak, or headachy, especially if meals are delayed
  • family history of diabetes
  • hypoglycemia, or alcoholism
  • nervous, jittery
  • irritable, headachy
  • weak, or teary on and off throughout the day; calmer after meals
  • mental confusion, decreased memory
  • hard to focus or get organized
  • frequent thirst or urination, night sweats
  • sores on legs that take a long time to heal
  • often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted
  • more awake at night
  • blurry vision or failing eyesight
  • frequent sighing and yawning, crying spells